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Chimney Repair and Restoration

We find a variety of homes that are in need of some type of chimney repair. The longevity of brick is about 100 years however mortar joints typically only last about half the life expectancy of a brick.

Chimney caps, also referred to as the “Crown”, is concrete that sits on the top of the chimney. If there are cracked or missing parts of concrete that lets water infiltrate into the chimney this will speed up the process of mortar decaying. I also find most Chimney crowns stop at the brick and don’t have any overhang past the brick, so when it rains the water runs off the crown and down the side of the brick. When we install a new chimney crown we leave an overhang past the last brick 1 ½ inches so the water drips off the crown and onto the roof.

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• Restoration
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It may become necessary to rebuild
from the roof line up depending on
the damage to the mortar and brick. Saddles are an important part of a chimney as well. Saddles are built on the back side of a chimney that diverts the water around the chimney. If your chimney is 2 feet wide or bigger you should have in place a saddle behind your chimney. Where your chimney is located will need to be taken into consideration as well. If your chimney is at the bottom of your roof the rain has a longer distance to gain speed before running into a brick wall compared to if your chimney is located at the top of your roof then the water will pool there until it reaches the edge and runs past.

If a saddle needs to be installed this can be done, saddle and flashing without doing any type of restoration to the chimney providing the chimney is in good condition. We also install color metal that matches your shingle color.

Protect your investment!