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" Mike Murray has demonstrated exceptional professionalism throughout the business processes. His personal high standard is reflected in the care and quality of his work. His crew has gone beyond our expectations. The results are impeccable. We have found Mr. Murray to be..."
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Today, as for the past
60+ years, VELUX is the world leader in roof windows and skylights. This is no accident. It is a result of our intense focus on creating the best quality, most energy efficient daylighting products available.

Over the years we have worked to identify the key components necessary for virtually any successful daylighting project, and we have created our product program to match. The result is a complete system of daylighting products unmatched anywhere. Take advantage of our experience by incorporating the complete system into your daylighting project.

Exterior heat control – The best protection against heat gain is an exterior awning that stops heat before it hits the glass and penetrates the room.

Weathertight flashings – Leakproof flashings are essential for ensuring the integrity of every skylight. That is why we have been offering prefabricated VELUX flashing systems compatible with most roofing materials for more than 50 years.

Comfort glazings – Comfort glazing is standard in all VELUX skylights. Comfort glazing allows you comfort on hot summer days and on cold winter nights.

• Layout & Design
• New Installation
• Replace existing
• Leak repair

Sunscreening Accessories
• Sage Glass
• Venetian blind
• Cellular Shade
• Solar Battery shade
• Light blocker shade
• Roller shade
• Heatblock exterior awning

Skylight Styles
• Venting
• Fixed
• Sun tunnel
• Egress roof windows

Skylights and roof windows – For rooms where natural light and fresh air are desirable, VELUX offers a wide assortment of skylights and roof windows to meet any need regardless of the roof material, roof pitch, construction method or ceiling type.

VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ skylights – For those applications where natural light is desirable, but a view to the outside is unnecessary, VELUX offers the SUN TUNNEL skylight. This product, available in flexible or rigid models, can bring natural light into places that were previously impossible to reach.

Interior light control – A huge assortment of blinds and shades are available to diffuse, adjust or block out the light in your room. Blinds will also save you money on your energy bill.

Convenient controls – Convenient control of skylights and blinds is available through our manual telescopic rods and electric infrared remote controlled systems.